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franchise record poolهذا الوصف ل Franchise Record PoolFranchise Record Pool is proud to announce the release of our long awaited mobile App. Unlike any other record pool Apps this App takes it up a notch by allowing you (our members) to not only view and listen to all tracks uploaded to your bins but to download music to your PC while on the go. Load TRACKer software on the PC you want to download music to, add the tracks to the cart in the App and the tracks are automatically downloaded to the designated folder on the PC. You can also update profile, change your password or even get alerts from our genius system. The most advanced record pool App is here with more features to come.

Mobile App Features:

- View, rate and listen to all tracks added to your music bins.
- View all music videos added to the videos section.
- Update profile information.
- Change username and password.
- Download all tracks to PC remotely when on the go. No more waiting to get home to view and download music.
- Get alerts from the genius system based on the user settings (future update to App).
- View history of all tracks downloaded via the App.

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1.1 Franchise Record Pool APK تنزيل للاندرويد وتكرس امتياز سجل بركة لجلب الموسيقى إلى دي جي المهنية.

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